Frequently asked questions about CIG
- how can i contact cig?

You can contact Colegio Internacional de Granada by phone at 958 462 806, by e-mail at info@colegioig.com or coming to visit us at the school.

- what educative stages are taught at cig?

In a commitment towards an education of quality, the school has started from the initial stage of Primary Education. In order to offer continuity, the project grows with our students reaching Secondary Education and Bachillerato, as well as it completes the lower end adding Infant Education.

- how can i enrol my child at cig?

A pre-enrolment form and steps to follow to enrol at CIG are available at the Admission section.

CIG: Colegio Internacional de Granada

What’s new?

Actividades Extraescolares

Traditional excursion

Going on such an excursion always means sharing the time together in a nice company, enjoying the beautiful natural surroundings of our school and - of course - a good deal of an physical activity! Additionally, this year we wanted to start our annual project right here: respecting the environment, caring for nature and ecology. So, we conducted a thorough cleaning of an abandoned mines above our school called: Collado de Barranco Hondo. Our eldest students from 4th and 5th grades equipped with gloves and headlamps were collecting all the garbage accumulated in numerous chambers of these wonderful caves. We got more than 10 bags of trash, leaving the place as it always should have been. Most of the students from 1st, 2nd and 3rd together with their parents also entered into the mines, to experience total darkness, observe minerals and live an adventure. In total we walked eight kilometers, enjoying one beautiful day and even better company. There were more than 120 people walking through the woods! This event will be repeated! Many thanks to everyone for being there!

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