Frequently asked questions about CIG
- how can i contact cig?

You can contact Colegio Internacional de Granada by phone at 958 462 806, by e-mail at info@colegioig.com or coming to visit us at the school.

- what educative stages are taught at cig?

In a commitment towards an education of quality, the school has started from the initial stage of Primary Education. In order to offer continuity, the project grows with our students reaching Secondary Education and Bachillerato, as well as it completes the lower end adding Infant Education.

- how can i enrol my child at cig?

A pre-enrolment form and steps to follow to enrol at CIG are available at the Admission section.

CIG: Colegio Internacional de Granada

What’s new?

Actividades Extraescolares

Christmas theatre 2016

This time the theme that inspired the plays was the celbration of the winter solstice, the thread of magic and humor that allowed us to travel through time to different time periods and customs where the human race has united in order to spend a very special night together. First, second, third and fourth of primary performed "The Time Robbers" where fifth, sixth, and secondary students acted in "Fun Fun Fun".  These are the performances that came about from the hard work and creativity of students during their drama classes at school.

We were very lucky to be able to count on the Armilla Theatre once again and also for the art department at school for their hard work.  Through this magnificent experience we shared an unforgettable evening with our audience members.  


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