Frequently asked questions about CIG
- how can i contact cig?

You can contact Colegio Internacional de Granada by phone at 958 462 806, by e-mail at info@colegioig.com or coming to visit us at the school.

- what educative stages are taught at cig?

In a commitment towards an education of quality, the school has started from the initial stage of Primary Education. In order to offer continuity, the project grows with our students reaching Secondary Education and Bachillerato, as well as it completes the lower end adding Infant Education.

- how can i enrol my child at cig?

A pre-enrolment form and steps to follow to enrol at CIG are available at the Admission section.

CIG: Colegio Internacional de Granada

Colegio Internacional de Granada

The COLEGIO INTERNACIONAL DE GRANADA project comes to life both from the accumulated experience gained by our teachers in Escuela Infantil PANDA over more than 20 years of education and the enthusiastic push of a group of families determined to create a high quality, cutting-edge education centre in Granada, a place where their children will receive their wished education and also an enriching space for families and educators to meet.

Here, families and teachers work together from a secular, humanistic, democratic and multilingual focus based on the individual development of our students, guaranteeing a meaningful and constructive learning process that gradually expands their knowledge schemes.

We stand on an ethical conception based on values like respect to others and commitment to search for a better world open to different cultures and peoples. We educate for peace from values such as freedom, justice, solidarity and democracy.

This way of working pretends our students to mature and grow in each of their dimensions (intellectual, physical, emotional-affective, social and artistic), making from them joyful and balanced individuals who have the tools first to brilliantly complete each educational stage and, second, to successfully integrate themselves into society and adult life.

Nowadays, there are many families concerned about their children’s education. At COLEGIO INTERNACIONAL DE GRANADA we come to offer them a reliable Education Centre of quality, being aware that their investment shows their understanding of education as the only path to a more participative, creative and fulfilling future life.

What’s new?

Certificate Ceremony Cambridge and Goethe

Certificate Ceremony Cambridge and Goethe

The students from our school took this past June 2018 the Cambridgle English as a Foreign Language exams.  A few also even took the Goethe Institut´s German as a Foreign Language exam.  This past 11th of November they received their certificates which reflected their high grades that they received on the exams.  

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Land Art

Land Art

Our 4th year of primary students have created in their Art class works of art called Land Art.  This artistic concept originates from a contemporary art movement that utilizes materials found in nature such as wood, rocks seeds, leaves, water, etc.  Their pieces of art were later incorporated back into nature.  

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